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If you are like most investors, you want your money managers to do one of two things. First, you might want to keep capital safe, but keep pace with inflation. Second, you might want growth opportunities without subjecting yourself to too much risk. Potential solutions to these conundrums are ones that HFS has dedicated years to researching and continues to daily.


We diversify using both traditional and alternative instruments to find quality, dividend-paying investments with growth opportunities.

Active Management

On the traditional side, we trade your portfolio personally rather than using third-party money managers. You pay us to do a job and we do it; we don’t pass it on to someone else.

Analysis & Objectivity

Using TD Ameritrade as our platform, we pick individual stocks and ETFs (exchange traded funds) based on in-depth and ongoing analysis. Our decisions are driven by research, not the media.


On the alternative side, we have access to a small, niche secondary discounted market for our alternative investments (primarily Real Estate Investment Trusts, or REITs). 2008 propelled us into yet more research to determine how we could use these investments while attempting to reduce the risk, and we found it.

Favorable Fee Structure

We are fee-based advisors. This means we do not earn a living by commission. When we choose any investment, we do so carefully and methodically and only because we believe it is in your best interest. Our success is linked to yours. For those who qualify (per SEC regulations), we also offer an incentive-based fee schedule aligning us with you even more firmly.

We Invest In You

We invest our time, energy, and resources in our relationship with you and your personal financial picture. Our careful assessment of market trends and individual investments together with your individual risk tolerance, financial goals, and income needs determine when we buy and/or sell investments and how much of the pie goes where.

Bottom line

We are committed to bringing value to our relationship with you. Our research and subsequent diversification strategy help us to make the best decisions toward achieving this goal.

To learn more about diversifying your portfolio to manage unnecessary risk, call us today at 303-463-0436.