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Brian David Havermann, CFP™

Brian David Havermann, CFP™

Certified Financial Plannerâ„¢

Growing up the 5th of 10 children, in a one-income family, Brian had always felt that financial freedom would be out of reach. However, in high school he came across an illustration showing how a simple $2000 a year investment over 40 years into an IRA could accumulate to $1,000,000,000! While that number seemed astronomical, Brian knew saving two thousand dollars a year was achievable for almost anyone. Not only did he want to do it, but he wanted to help others achieve financial freedom as well.

After college Brian set about gaining experience in the financial industry anywhere he could find it. At his first jobs he regularly won awards for productivity, ranking as a top agent. However, after a few years in the business, Brian became interested in the conflicts of interest inherent in the financial profession and did not want to be a part of them. He decided to become independent, allowing him the freedom to offer clients a complete range of investments and the ability to solve a range of financial goals.

Brian graduated from Regis University in 1990 with degrees in finance and math. In 1998, he earned his Certified Financial Planner designation and in 2000, he incorporated Havermann Financial Services. In 2010, HFS was registered as a registered Investment Advisory Firm (RIA).

Each step along Brian’s career has been motivated by a desire to bring value to clients. Being in the business so long allowed Brian to learn from the economic downturns early in his career. He then met 2008 with thoughtful consideration and a proactive, smarter, and more efficient investment approach.

Brian uses a plethora of tools and knowledge to help clients identify their risk tolerance, evaluate their social security options, understand their retirement income needs and avoid unnecessary tax implications of investing. He researches the markets extensively and aims to allocate portfolios to avoid major downturns like those in 2008.

For as long as he has been trading stocks, Brian has been playing softball and has quite an accomplished recreational career. He manages to cling to the “young guys” league and is for now still able to give them a run for their money. When he is not thinking about stocks or softball, he can often be found shooting hoops outside with his older boys or rekindling his artistic talent, drawing pictures with his 6 year old.