Financial Services

At Havermann Financial Services, our goal is to invest smart, mitigate risk and pay dividends. We try to provide solid portfolio management under all market conditions. The following services have been specifically chosen in an effort to balance risk with reward. 

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Asset Management

We strive to make your money work for you. This is a service for clients who need or want assistance managing their investments. Depending on your financial goals, tax obligations and finances, we buy and sell stocks and bonds on your behalf to try to create a return. If you are in retirement, this may mean a strategy that tries to create an income stream without spending down your principle.

Financial, Estate and Tax Planning

All investments are made with an eye toward your total financial plan including tax consequences, as well as your estate. The goal of a financial plan is to ensure that your investment strategy is in line with your financial needs today and in the future. We help you analyze everything from your income stream into retirement, to things like the costs and benefits of paying off your house — whatever comes up for you. We customize a plan using our knowledge of estate and tax planning together with careful attention to your individualized goals. In addition, we work closely with accountants and attorneys to ensure accurate and current data on laws and regulations.

Retirement Income Analysis

Would it be helpful to know how long your money is going to last? Would you like to know if you need to save more, or if you could spend more and still have enough to leave to your heirs? We sit down with our clients at regular intervals and review their financial landscape (income, investments, social security, debts, monthly budgetary need, etc.) to determine what type of income they will need off their investments in their future and how long their investments will last at that rate. This is a very useful tool to help navigate both your savings plans while working and your spending plans in retirement.

Insurance, Annuities and CD’s

HFS offers indexed universal life insurance, as well as variable, indexed and fixed annuities. These are investment options for clients who want to avoid or reduce risk. Regarding annuities, these products may be sound investments, but they are not right for everyone. We do the research and depending on your unique needs and concerns, we help you make the decision that’s best for you.

Social Security Planning

We have state of the art software that keeps us up to date on the seemingly endless Social Security changes. We are able to take your particular situation, plug it in and give you a detailed report on how your social security benefit will play out over time given different scenarios. Our retirement plans include careful attention to these details that matter. Our social security software will help clarify this very complex system and how to best make decisions regarding your individual situation.

401K Management

Keep your business fueled with talented workforce attracted by your 401K benefit! We simplify your retirement plan administration, assisting you and your employees with important retirement planning questions. We streamline investment choices, offer one-on-one advice and regular group employee meetings to ensure that your staff is getting the most out of their 401K benefit, freeing you and your time up for other important work tasks.