Low Risk High Return Investments – What is there to choose from?

Forbes wrote a nice article laying out your investment choices to attempt to yield a higher return but take less risk. HFS specializes in two of these options mentioned: Dividend paying stocks and cash value life insurance. In order to optimize your portfolio, we look to find higher yields while taking less risk. As the Forbes article below indicates, there are several options. For HFS, in addition to using REIT’s from the secondary market (see website), we find dividend paying stocks to help smooth out returns. For example, if a stock is getting hit, but there is a nice dividend, you are able to keep better ground. By the same token, if you are diversifying some of your money into insured investments that have a floor but allow you some upside, you are evening out your return and contributing to good sleep at night. Read the Forbes article below to hear more about this topic. Call us today to find out how you can sleep better at night too!