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Havermann Financial Services, Inc.

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Brian's understanding of complex financial issues and Abby's ability to translate them into easy to understand layman's term's combine to create a highly advanced, user friendly approach to investing. A strategic thinker with over a quarter of a century in the industry, Brian uses his knowledge of long-term market history to inform current conditions and deliver customized investment advice and retirement plans. With a passion and talent for communicating, Abby cultivates an atmosphere of constructive engagement in which client needs are thoroughly understood and met.

Our clients include:

  • Pre-retired and retired individuals who want their hard earned money to create an enjoyable life after work ends
  • Widows and widowers trying to make sense of their new financial picture after losing a life partner. 
  • Divorced individuals who are adjusting to a new financial picture
  • Business Owners seeking to take care of their families and employees
  • Retired Teachers and Hospital Employees who have spent a lifetime giving back and now can enjoy the fruits of their labor 

And many other smart people who lack the time or inclination to analyze the dizzying array of investment choices, but want the peace of mind of having their finances organized and on track.